Friday, May 4, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey Has Manifested In Actual Physicality!!!

Finally, the book is here! Yes after having reserved this book 2 weeks ago and failing to pick it up-at the bookstore where I reserved it-because the customer service at that big bookstore forgot to inform me to stop by immediately the moment you are informed that the copy has arrived or at least say a date when you'll be picking up the book.

And last week, going around different bookstores to see if this limited stock book will ever be attained, today after doing my routine search for new books in a bookstore nearer to my place, I finally have a Fifty Shades of Grey book.
I took this picture before removing the plastic cover, =)
It's funny how when I casually dropped by this bookstore I had no intention of even trying to reserve again, I just thought to ask if they had a copy, and surprise, they did and there was a complete portion of a book-stand that had it (six copies just sitting there) in the other bookstores I went to previously, this scene would be impossible, all the copies there are completely reserved.

I still can't believe I finally have a copy of the book everyone is talking about. I am sure some of you are tired already of all the fuss this book is creating since basically this book was and is still being talked about by every major network like the today show. 

The unending commentaries of literary critiques, feminists, women, charlatans, etc. all having different opinions about this controversial book to statements from women saying in interviews that after having their partners read the book, their sex-life instantaneously improved. And even some erotic writers would go on the record saying that, this book even with their standards, shocked them.

Some feminist's are saying that this book is a step-back for all of the hard work women of past generations have given women today, but Newsweek Magazine ( I know Newsweek even talked about this last month, I forgot which week) suggests that the desire of powerlessness-of women in bed- is only a direct result of the success the movement has achieved. 

Literary critiques on the other hand have repeatedly blasted the book as poorly written. Maybe it's more of the fact that this book is a fan-fiction of The Twilight Series which also causes a barrage of negative criticism.

As for me I don't want to judge the book first before even reading it, but my standards are not that high (Literary-wise), I'll probably just judge it on how creative the author was in creating the story.

Oh by the way, last March it was announced that the exclusive film rights of this book has been secured by Universal Pictures and Focus Features. So to those who can't bring themselves to read such a graphic and erotic novel or simply just don't have the time, but can sit on a theater and not cringe on the possible depiction of this film, you'll have the chance of watching this.

Love you all !!! 

-- Paul -- =)