Tuesday, October 16, 2012

15 Days

These random pictures are meant to capture some of the things I did for the the past 15 days (from October 1) with of course some captions.

I am sure there are a lot of people-like me-out there who just can't stop being in-love with Friends. Contagion speaks for itself, how often do you encounter a critically-acclaimed film while at same time being a blockbuster?


Having a little morning Nosh ("snack" in Yiddish).

Finally, after spending time on the wait-list for me to borrow the last two installments of this trilogy (Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed) from my friend, I finished it 2 weeks before October 1, but I kinda re-read the last chapter of Freed last October 1, the sudden twist of perspectives pushed me to re-read it. Everybody sort of did, or at least people around me.

 E. L. James, we want more!

I know that this may seem late but since the September issue of Time Zak has been back, I  realize now how much comfort his articles give me.

I am glad to read something from Fareed Zakaria again, I along with his other fans are glad that his "plagiarism fiasco" is over. I am happy Time was logical enough to realize what a valuable lost he would have been.

The  company that my college library subscribes to seems to always manage to be delayed in its delivery of these precious materials, this I found out after I complained why the new issues haven't arrived yet, and the people in charge in the library complained to me as well, I understand them. Why don't they just subscribe directly to the Magazines instead of relying on local importers?

Snapshots of the contents of the book I recently borrowed:

When I stumbled upon this unique book in the library of my college, I was quick to look at it's contents-normal for avid royal-watchers like me-I didn't want to loose an opportunity to learn more about the possessions of the Queen. I was drowned by the beauty of the jewelry inside, and even more amazed when I came to learn how those pieces ended up in Her Majesty's collection.


Ever feel like you're living in a cliche teen Hollywood movie when you suddenly realize sometimes how predictable the situation you end up in, without any direct intention for that to happen? Well that's sort of what I felt when I accepted an invite from my friends to go away from the city and have one of our friend-who has a new car-be the designated driver, thus, us enjoying a free ride.

 According to statisticians, a person has a higher chance to get struck by a lightning in her/his lifetime than to experience winning the lottery. I figured, a lot of people get struck by lightning every time, at the same time a lot of people win in the lottery as well? So, why not try my chances? It's funny how, I kept thinking and praying-while waiting for the Jackpot numbers that night-''please let me win so that I could move to New York City right now", obviously I didn't win, cause If I did, this post would have been about that, but I did learn that from time-to-time there is absolutely nothing wrong to take chances.

Snapshots of whats inside the books I recently borrowed:

My Paris-obsession grew larger after scanning 500 pictures of Paris, and along the way learning a lot more about Paris too. This will definitely be included to my list of what-to-think-of when sadness or stress attacks me. Truly inspirational!

These books are meant to aid me when imagining and thinking of events in history, and, of course obviously, to learn from them as well.

Love you all !!!

-Paul Ken-

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