Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cinema Drama

Last November 1st -All-Saints-Day here in the Philippines which means holiday!-I watched Skyfall alone. For some reason I was very excited to watch this James Bond film, who knows maybe it was because I fell in love, just like many other people and maybe even you, by its incredibly hair-raising trailer. Pre-excitement period with Skyfall, I simply saw the trailer in the cinemas, then the next thing you know I am re-watching it over and over again in YouTube.   
As I've correctly suspected and guessed correctly, the film was critically-acclaimed, correction, most movie-critics even say it's the best James Bond film ever made. Plus, among the 23 films in the highly-succesful franchise this film got the biggest opening weekend. Newsweek even paid tribute to Bond's 50th birthday recently. But as we all can see, gone are the days of Sean Connery-his hot spirit does live on though-with all of his 60's charm

May I just mention how fantastic the OST of Skyfall is, Adele definitely did a great job, her voice was beyond great, it was like the trailer simply hair-raising. Up to now, I can't stop listening to that song continuously, it's now a nightly affair.

Anyway, as you might have suspected from the title of this post, the majesty of Skyfall is not the thing I am going to be discussing in this blog-post, instead its the drama that I have been weirdly witnessing for the last 2 films I've seen this month, Skyfall and Argo.

Last November 1st, I was sitting comfortably in my seat eagerly waiting for the film to start. The seat next to me is empty, as usual, when I go to the cinema alone, I always secretly wish that the stranger that's going to be sitting next to me wont be noisy or someone who will cause trouble or something, but there are those days when I wish that empty seat next to me will be occupied by a either a hot guy or a very interesting person that will go from a stranger to a friend. 

Eventually the seat next to me is sat on by this Iranian guy, and I am not being stereotypical I heard him speaking to his companions in Persian (Farsi) -language of the Iranian people.

40 minutes into the film-I am estimating here- a phone rings loudly (despite pre-start film reminder to put gadgets in silent-mode) and its coming from the back, the woman sitting at the back answers her phone, and it seems she's really enjoying talking to this person on the other line because she laughs loudly inside the cinema. Giving absolutely no regard for the people inside the cinema, in short being rude. It was so distracting. 

All of a sudden my seat-mate just wont take it anymore and shouts at her, "hey you! shut up, go out, don't talk in here, we're watching" and she did shut up. I was so shocked I can't remember what the girl said. Next thing I know people were looking towards the area of my seat.
Trust me, everybody inside, just like me, were so happy, and I hear and can feel the mutual applause among us. It was like you can actually hear and feel the grin in the faces of the people there.
Everybody then went back to enjoying the film, after the 2 minute commotion. After the film, just to be sure, I waited for everyone to vacate the cinema before I went out that place, I was paranoid maybe the companion of the girl thought the guy was me and I get beat-up. Don't worry I didn't.

While I watched everyone going out, I saw the security guard, the Iranian guy and the girl talking, maybe the guard was scolding 
                                                                   both of them.

Which lead me to thinking. What is really the proper etiquette inside a cinema? If someone chooses to make noise or violate a code of conduct everyone mutually agrees to, Does everyone have a right to tell that person to quiet up? or should we just let it slide? Or maybe wait for that brave one who just wont take crap?

What did you do last November 9? If you're one of those people like me who remembered that November 9 was the anniversary of the Kristallnacht and the Fall of the Berlin Wall-then you probably and most likely love history.

Last November 9 was a very weird day, I think I can even honestly tell that it's one of the weirdest day to date. 

Its 20 minutes into the movie. Me and my friend are sitting comfortably in our seat, really enjoying the film, when suddenly the movie just stops. Its complete darkness inside the cinema, the only thing one can hear is the sound of people casually joking around. Then after more than a minute or so, the movie starts again.

After only 15 minutes, the movie stops again, this time everybody complains for real. Three security guards come in, and tells us, (in Filipino (Tagalog) and English) "don't panic", "everyone please just go out thru the exit", "There has been a light electrical problem that is causing smoke outside", etc.

Nobody panicked, actually everybody-at least me and my friend-were excited to see what was causing this disruption of a such a great movie. Outside the cinema the staff, continually tell us that we'll just have to come back to refund our money because of a mini-fire.

I and my friend were very disappointed that we didn't get to finish the film and at the same time glad that we didn't get hurt or anything like that. From the moment I was just a few steps away from the cinema  I was already contemplating If I should be taking pictures right now, but I didn't. I only took pictures when we were far from the (building) mall already. So what you see is what I got a chance to take.

You see, what made this day weird wasn't this cinema drama-which for me is the second time in the same month-its the fact that me and my friend originally planned to meet up for something different to do- which we cancelled due to traffic and unavailability of transportation that was jam-packed  with people-which we kept on changing but somehow, we managed to not finish anything we planned, even those we revised.

You might think that our mood at the end of that night was really bad, actually, au contraire, what I actually realized was, that on the process of accomplishing each plan-that we revised continuously as a result of the prior plan not becoming reality-the fun and energy never waned. I was and still am surprised by the optimism and energy-its level-me and my friend exhibited.


Please fell free( I actually encourage you and beg you) to leave your comments, suggestions, and inquiries.Or if you simply want to share your own experience and/ or a story similar.

Love you all!!!

-Paul Ken-

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