Saturday, November 10, 2012

Today Maximized

It has been my annual Christmas tradition- dating back from the year 2007- to have the yearly planner that Starbucks gives after you've completed the stickers in the promo card. I am glad to learn after seeing for myself, this year that the 2013 planner starts on January. Unlike in the previous years wherein you have this pressure to get the planner before December hits, or else you're gonna see days left blank in your Planner. Unlike other people, I actually use my planner. I write my plans for the day, and it also serves as a diary/journal at the end of the day. I don't go to bed without reflecting on what had happened during a particular day without writing on my planner. So, its more than a planner for me, its my life in detail. That's why I always joke around with my friends that in-case I die, I wish to have myself cremated with my planners- 5 in total, so far. This will not be the blog-post wherein I defend Starbucks nor its coffee, that's for another day, another blog-post. I also have a sub-tradition within this tradition, and that is, I don't acquire all the stickers by myself. What I do is I ask for them in counters, when Barista's offer them to a particular person who's not just interested in even trying to collect the sticker, that's when I swoop in and ask politely-with a smile- for the sticker from the customer, and in most occasions, particularly with foreigners and senior citizens, they give it to you. Ever since I started this tradition back in 2008, I have never paid for more than half of the stickers I collected for the planner. I started collecting stickers only last Monday, and all the stickers here were paid by me, I haven't gotten the opportunity to sit at a place strategic enough for me to hear the voice of both the Barista and the customer, maybe on the first week of December, when I am not that busy anymore.

Tomorrow, I'll be taking my EJU -Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students- that luckily my college exclusively hosts in the country twice a year, as the test is only held bi-annually. This is the 3rd time I'll be taking the exam. Ohh by the way, for those who don't know what this exam is, its sort of like the SAT/ACT of the US, the French Baccalauréat, the Gaokao of Mainland China, the GCSE of the UK, the German Abitur, but of course the Japanese version specifically for International students. I really need to do my best on this exam, because this is my last chance to make my grade higher, next examination will be on June 2013, by then applications for the MEXT -Japanese Government Scholarship- would have been over and I would have filed my applications months earlier. Each test result certificate is valid for 2 years, at the end of all this, I can choose among those three which one I'll be submitting to the University I like in Japan. In my last exam, I got a below average score in my Mathematics, but my Japan and the World (Social Sciences) was above average. So tonight I really have to work on my math, a subject I absolutely have never been good at. I don't know to this day if math hates me or I hate math. I am though very glad that I survived it two times, in High School and during my minors in College. I am pretty sure without my math-genius friends who patiently tutored and helped me, I wouldn't have made it through the entire term and passed that freaking subject. 

Before I sleep I'll be taking 2 of these capsules to help me sleep. Don't worry, these capsules are not medication, thus making dependence impossible, they're simply made from herbs and other natural ingredients. Its labeled as a food supplement and its an Over-The-Counter item. I advise everyone to Google it and visit the website of Sleepasil. Don't be deceived by its name, its not sleeping pills.

According to its website:

 "Sleepasil contains a special blend of all-natural ingredients - Melatonin, Valerian Root, Chamomile, and Hops - that help you relax and fall asleep."

Its natural ingredients is actually very beneficial to a persons immune system.

Please feel free to leave your comments or suggestions! and even your own experiences, share it to the community! 

Love you all!!!

-Paul Ken-

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