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Barbara Walters Interviews Controversial and Outspoken Nobel Prize Winning German Economist, Max Polat-Cohen

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Walters : Mr. Polat-Cohen, you've just received such a distinction cementing your position in your respective field, and in history! Probably even the most important validation in an intellectuals life, the Nobel Memorial Prize for Economic Sciences for your work on welfare economics, how do you feel?

Polat-Cohen : How do you think one would feel after receiving such an honor? obviously speechless.

Walters : I imagine! You grew up in Germany, your paternal grand-parents died in Auschwitz, your mother was from Turkey, a Gastarbeiter, your father decided after World-War II, not to leave this country, your lineage is so engrained vis-a-vis 20th century German history, do you love Germany?

Polat-Cohen : Absolutely! It has been the home of half of my ancestors longer than one could imagine. My mother loved the meritocracy, rule of law, and standard of living  here. This is where I was born. This is where I grew up. It is my home. I am from here. I am a German. 

Walters : What can you say about the current affairs in Germany ?

Polat-Cohen : You have to be more specific.

Walters : Okay, lets say the current government and its actions vis-a-vis the Euro crisis, from an economist point-of-view.

Polat-Cohen : And?

Walters : Merkel, in particular. Since, your side comment about her in an interview with Der Spiegel recently has received much controversy.

Polat-Cohen : She is stupid. Absolutely dumb. Intelligently clueless, a copycat. A champion of a variant of an economic system that has been proven in many occasions to only cause suffering on a global scale and yet these type of politicians continue to experiment with it and may I even add in most cases gambling as if nothing is at stake. Casino capitalists, they care only for themselves and for their well-connected super-rich friends, the latter embedded deeply in the backward theory itself. 

We Germans, more than any other people, because of our history, should know what utter destruction and inactivity of a large segment of the population combined with an impoverished society can create, Treaty of Versailles, gosh! Haven't we learned from what deep austerity and unfairness can do?

What's more depressing, and utterly shameful, I feel is the blind loyalty and some apathy, even, the majority of Germans are expressing via their continued support for this proven ineffective tool in responding to this type of crises. 

Walters : Don't you think that's a bit extreme. I mean she is democratically elected in a social democracy, they practice it, it's been a tradition in Germany and their economy proves it, mixed but at the same time competitive. Aren't you being a bit too harsh?

Polet-Cohen : A bit? Gosh, I hope not. But to answer your question, Why? You don't think she's a whore, whore of the backward neoliberal capitalists? I think she's one, so I have a right to say so, especially now. 

You know, there is nothing more I would just love to do but to, if I ever ran into her, spit in her face specially his war criminal foreign minister, wow that would just be lovely. 

Walters : What's with Westerwelle that makes you say this? 

Polat-Cohen : Gosh where do I even begin? 
Okay, this is just one of the plethora of things that irate me about him. He blindly supports a current government who institutes apartheid like policies and does not give care, even a little, for the Palestinians.

I, just like many other Jews I know and very close with, is deeply concerned by the continued abuse of power, by Israel and we are disappointed very much, their becoming to far-right and theocratical, if Ben-Gurion was alive today and saw all this being done in the name of Jewry, he would have asked all Jews to migrate to New York instead or if Herzl was alive today and saw the inhumanity inflicted by some Israelis, he would have advocated for them to stay in Europe. 

Walters : What do you think about the continued show of remorse of Germans regarding the Holocaust?

Polet-Cohen : Cheap and insincere, it's funny and troubling actually, they say "never again" and yet here we are, they reimpose via their continued support for the already debunked idea of the supposed benefits of austerity in the PIIGS countries the same prerequisites that create and sustain certain conditions wherein the far-right can prosper and actually become stronger. 

Also, the Germans have to stop obsessing about the Holocaust gosh! they say it, yet they allow this horrible Bundeskanzler of theirs to turn the EU into a bona fide German Empire, beautifully guised in an ingenious German fashion of course. 

She is creating disharmony in a union in the danger of collapse at the same time when Europeans, who are traditionally pessimistic in attitude already, become more insecure, and it just downright disappointing seeing the same conditions imposed by the country who should know better because of, as I stated before, our history. 

Walters : Can you share me this continued condition you are referring to?

Polat-Cohen : The harsh conditionality of the Versailles Treaty, the huge unemployment, leading to a society becoming more socio-economically incohesive therefore becoming more far-right. 

Walters : Can you be more specific on the unemployment effect?

: When a large portion of society becomes idle what happens is that those unemployed organized and try to find scapegoats for their problems and as usual they become xenophobic, etc.  

Walters : Final words?

Polat-Cohen : I hope Germans who continue to support the policies instituted by this horrible government currently in power in Berlin wakes up to the horror it's unconsciously and maybe unintentionally recommitting this time in the form of the ECB, the EU, and realize how ineffective and damaging it is to our reputation as Germans. 

Walters : Mr. Polat-Cohen, thank you very much for your time, as always very interesting insights, and this will surely be controversial .

Polat-Cohen : Ohhh, no, thank you, yeah! I guess my name will be on the headlines again, huh! lets see tomorrow, those writers please be gentle. Can you imagine what they'll write about me? 

Note:The short transcript above of a fictional short-interview is not in any way a reflection, fully or partial, of my view of any of the people, organization, institution, and citizenry, mentioned above. I see it as only my attempt to mirror certain emotions and insights inferred from accounts of people who I've interviewed and articles that has appeared in weeklies, magazines, and newspapers recently. With emphasis on the current anti-German sentiment, and its rise, in Europe, specially after the Cyprus debacle. This is simply a zeitgeist-piece in the form of a fictional story, with a partially fictional character.

Love you all!!!

As always, comments, and suggestions are highly sought from you my readers, both loyal and new. 


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