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Run Away from Runner Runner

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I usually rely on Rotten Tomatoes for answers when I can't choose which film to go see first on occasions wherein I want to watch films that are released at the same week. Obviously, I have to make a decision which one to watch first or never, but exemptions are made when I feel I should give a particular film a chance, before judging it, usually arising when the disapproval of the majority of the reviewers was due to creative differences, or simply when my opinion is totally different. Runner Runner will be released in the United States on October 4, so naturally there were only few available Rotten Tomatoes review of it yet, without consensus from the reviewers, I decided to watch it last Friday (Sep 27).

Runner Runner didn't make use of its fantastic set of cast wisely, which was its main selling point, plus its up-and-coming director-of The Lincoln Lawyer starring Matthew McConaughey-Brad Furman. Its story line just like its title is redundant, sometimes Ben Affleck's character is the nice boss aiding the financially frustrated student Justin Timberlake who's supposedly the victim of the Great Recession created by the industry he apparently wants to legally gamble in, but instead he retreats into a bourgeois's decadent attitude of myopia, typical incoherence is the norm of the film. It's unimaginative and lazily dependent on the more able members of the cast. 
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I advice my American readers to not waste their valuable money on watching this piece of garbage. For you not to make the same mistake I made when I allowed myself to be part of the hype of this film, disappointment was my feeling half way through the film, it had so much potential but it became more of a what-a-movie-should-not-be-like creation complete with creative inertia. 

Timberlake's acting is another disappointment, Affleck' s acting felt like his character in The Town sedated in the climax of a barbiturate overdose. Gigli's Afflect is back! But to be fair, I went to see the film, expecting Affleck of Argo,The Town, and Good Will Hunting, not him in Gigli, but unfortunately that's what I got. And in Timberlake's case, I was slightly hoping that this will be the movie that will finally make him a "real" and "serious" actor, with all the critical acclaim, but he as well, fell back to his role in Friends With Benefits (the sadder parts of the film) Anthony Mackie (good cop/bad cop) and Gemma Arterton (Bond-girl, and very mysterious) were the only ones who acted, and succeeded, but not enough to save the rest of the film. In the end they managed to grasp the dynamism of their role, but sunk with it. 

It heavily made use of Costa Rica's ugly reputation in the field of honest governance, but inconsistently, it relied heavily on audiences pre-conceptions instead of challenging them. The spontaneous use of the lovely scenery of the country felt like a story set in a tourism ad, not a film that's grounded, and willing to show something more, something unknown perhaps. 

So, to my dear readers my advice to you is to not watch this mediocre film, but instead opt for a nice film like About Time and/or Prisoners if you don't want to ruin your weekend (a bit of an exaggeration, what can I say? the film leaves you speechless, and not in a good way). Believe me, I can write an entirely separate post for why those 2 films are way better, and are immediately one of my favorites, but that's for another time.

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