Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Ultra-Orthodox Jews and their Audacity to Claim Sole Legitimacy

The true continuity of Jewish history and existence lies with the Assimilated - those in the diaspora and the Zionists (Cultural, Political, and Labor) wherever they maybe. The greatest fallacy to which certain Jewish communities acquiesce to today is to believe that the furtherance of this existence lies with the Ultra-Orthodox, and to a lesser extent the Orthodox method, with their cultural antipathies towards modernity.

If Jews had not been liberated from the numerous Jewish ghettos (Judengasse) of Europe (by Napoleon) and without the Haskalah (Jewish Enlightenment), surely, no one could have heard of a living and thriving Jewish community or can meet any individual who'll identify as Jewish today. It's people like Moses Mendelssohn who we should be grateful for and not to the various Jewish communities who cling to the poison of the Hasids, because without whom, we would not have had the capacity to survive as an individual or as a member of the synagogue. Their method triumphed and proved necessary to adapt to the modern world, then and now.

How dare do these bunch of primitive savages lay claim to the title of Jewishness all the while depriving a New York Jew who's surname is Rosen the ability to get married in Israel? A simple consequence of the monopoly granted to the Chief Rabbinate of Israel with the exclusive task of "supreme halakhic and spiritual authority for the Jewish people in Israel" in addition matters relating to marriage, divorce, and other personal status issues in Israel. It's abhorrent. Many Israelis mistakenly continue to perpetuate the privileged granted in 1947 -the so-called status quo- by the then first government of Ben-Gurion as tantamount to lifetime privilege. It's no secret that Israeli society then and today is secular,  at least the section of society disproportionately responsible -as the main contributor- for the survival of the Jewish and democratic state.

Why do they then allow these economic parasites to preach the "Jewish way to live" while they the hardworking average Israeli has to fulfill numerous obligations in her or his lifetime such as but not limited to serving the military (to be fair a form of nation-building which is welcomed as an opportunity to network but still nevertheless dangerous), and significantly subsidizing these cannibals who favor at all cost the destruction of the Jewish state evident in their willingness to burn their Israeli passports and to almost ally with Iran's and its other neighbors call "to push the Zionists out into the Mediterranean". The exhibition of such behavior even in the diaspora by protesting against the "Zionist regime" is repulsive.

In my opinion the Ultra-Orthodox are an anachronistic bunch who arrogantly declare their superiority towards and over the "blasphemous Zionists" whom without which they'll be devoid of their ability to sustain their large families -that they'll gladly indoctrinate as well- whom they desire to succeed them in becoming economic parasites as well.

It's a fact that Theodor Herzl never circumcised his only son, Hans. Why? What purpose does it serve? It's a fact that it's of no medical use whatsoever, so why condemn a child to an experience of medieval proportions? I strongly support, both as a Jew and civilized member of society, to replace brit milah with the growing trend in the Reform congregations of brit shalom, wherein instead of the barbaric circumcision being performed, a naming ceremony takes place.

I agree with what Golda Meir once said in an interview during the 70s that I had discovered recently in the Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive (which is jointly administered by the Abraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Central Zionist Archives of the World Zionist Organization) via YouTube regarding "the continuity of the Jewish people and the safety and security of Israel is one, you can't divide it." To me the existence and history of the Jewish people is manifested in modern Israel, and this interview was done in the 70's, obviously she was pertaining to the Zionist cause which at that time was the undoubted dominant force in Israeli society.

Amos Oz, an Israeli international best-selling novelist, albeit a critically-acclaimed one, had a grand-uncle (a very famous one) whose name was Joseph Klausner, who was at one point the Herut party candidate for the presidency against Chaim Weizmann. Klauner was also the chair of the Hebrew literature department at the venerable Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Klausner authored the controversial books entitled Jesus of Nazareth and From Jesus to Paul. The significant amount of impression one can get from his work is the suggestion of the evils of Rabbinate "back then" and now. 

Zionism is a retrofitted form of Judaism in itself. If the Israelis continue to permit the non-sensical and purposeless Chief Rabbinate to determine "Who is a Jew" for the purpose of aliyah and other matters then this sanctions disrespect towards the proto-Zionists and the later Zionists. The heroic, audacious, visionary efforts they exhibited and the many other people credited to have helped established Israel will have been in vain. 

Just like fundamentalists of other religions, the Ultra-Orthodox serves to only divide the people and with no restraint to retard their own and others development, as much as they can, then what? The ironies revealed are staggering, most Jews today in Israel wouldn't qualify to immigrate to their own country had their parents been subjected to the same requirements imposed by the Law of Return as it's implemented today with a single source of definition, from a single group, explicitly determined to exclude-to discriminate-the majority, the group they depend upon the most.