Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Very Mean Meme

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"Skepticism is not irrefutable, but obviously nonsensical, when it tries to raise doubts where no questions can be asked. For doubt can exist only where a question exists, a question only where an answer exists, and an answer only where something can be said." 
                                                  -From Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus by Ludwig Wittgenstein

Juxtaposing these two amazing pioneering women and harshly putting them into two boxes representing two separate extremes simply won't be in harmony with my view, or with the facts of history. Both of them had to do, what they thought they had to, to create who they are today-as we perceive them, then and now. The way this meme portrays Marilyn isn't only misleading, it's completely false. What one easily forgets is that this Strassberg-trained "dumb blonde" was that good at acting, enough so that she could create an entirely new persona, er go make us believe that she is that fictitious creation. This article is also unfair to Audrey, she is limned as a woman who didn't live. Who didn't have struggles. She is a shiny material, not a human being. Who they are and what they did are entirely different from their outputs.

It is obvious to anyone aware of Audrey's and Marilyn's biography, that there is an intent to simplify a complex set of facts. What is left out? Go to YouTube or Read their biographies. For you to understand. Contradictory, generalizing, and superficial are the perfect adjectives to describe the monster who made this meme. 

I have always admired these two women, not just for their courage but more importantly for their originality. I'm not gonna lie, I'm embarrassed to admit, a long time ago I too once thought of Marilyn in that way, but after watching her Bio and also of Audrey's (in YouTube and on TV) I was astonished. I hope that one day, people stop lazily pitting these two, instead resist temptation to embrace -blindly- their personas, and dig deeper into who they really were. Finally, to learn from the harrowing experiences both of them had to endure.

Who would be so narrow as to commit such obvious misrepresentation of facts? (I mean this info are all google-able) A zeitgeist archetype of this is the idealist-totalitarian-freakozoid. It's primary concern is to destroy people who manage to uphold their values, in spite of what that other persona might have gone through, to get to where he or she is now. This hateful and envious subspecies existing among us find every opportunity to reduce everyone to their invaluable lives, their decadence. Their envy reveals how much they hate people with self-made values, people who are individuals, and not herd followers.

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