Thursday, May 22, 2014

Excerpts From My School Mandated Reflections: Sense and Sensuality in the Workplace

Augusto-Rosario Gonzales Theater was the site where the event was held. The subject of this event was workplace ethics, particularly sexual harassment in the workplace. I think it was genius to have a seminar on such an important issue as this one. More vitally in this country where it is taboo to speak of such topic out in public. In the Philippines, just like in other Asian societies, publicly declaring emotions and, to put it more broadly psychology itself, isn’t delineated quite easily by the ordinary person on the street with psychiatry. 

As a result of this confucian attitude, shame is felt when someone is abused, instead of talking about it, the person suffers quietly. That’s why this seminar was so poignant for me because I think in general Filipinos, particularly young incoming graduates like us need to be taught of this reality, coming from a Filipino workplace experience-based illumination. 

The speaker was an alumni of Benilde and of the prestigious Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila or simply PLM. The speaker was canny and encouraged the audience to speak. She also spoke of the dangers of bullying in the corporate world that one must always be vigilant about. At one point she touched on the subject of cyber bullying. 

I was put off by her nostalgia of past studying practices although to be fair this is fairly common among Filipino’s who didn’t get the “privilege” of having access to the internet. As commentators and I always repeat, each generation had their advantages and disadvantages, that’s why I think it’s a huge mistake to guilt-trip younger people into feeling gratitude because Generation X also had their “privilege” the same goes for the Baby Boom Generation, so why are we wasting our time trying to constantly reduce ourselves to the level of the past, why not look forward, and what better way to accomplish that than by embracing the opportunities by making use of them and maximizing every tool we have for the betterment of ourselves, which would lead to overall improvement in societal conditions.

I was displeased with the fact that the event started late. Also that the video she presented to the audience was broken leading one to conclude how anarchic the entire affair was. Although the message of the video was delivered, it was aesthetically disappointing. Overall, I found her talk helpful, and a bowl of common-sense reiterations. A very salient guide for the newcomer in the work place.

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