Saturday, May 10, 2014

New Olds: Design Between Tradition and Innovation

Kit for members of the "press"

Press apparatus

Prof. Albus explained to us briefly the details of some works, albeit, in an exhausted manner, but excusable, because he hasn't had enough sleep, he later explained.

Is this a menorah? Vergangenheitsbewältigung?

Petra Raymond (Director and Head of Cultural Programs at Goethe) and Michael Hasper (from the German Embassy)

After running some very delayed errands, and leaving myself in an indecisive state whether to attend this event or not, I passively submitted to the subconscious magnet towards the event, my body brought me in front of Yuchengco Museum while I was continuing to ponder, it was almost like my mind being persuaded to treat myself with a visual and atmospheric treat as a fabulous conclusion to a day that can only be described as routine-y, schedule-y and sulky, with violent internal outbursts of misanthropy due this country's Third World public transpiration system.

Earlier that day I saw an invitation to a very sexy event, it was the opening of an exhibition curated by Prof. Volker Albus in cooperation with Goethe-Institut Philippinen. But what made it a boon for me was that the curator himself will do a talk pro bono to invited guests before the exhibit opening proper 2-hours later. So I thought it would be interesting to have for a change-in a museum-a curator walking you through a new exhibit, it definitely caught the attention of my clique-y tendencies. 

It was a nice event, I met some people, discussed topics ranging from nepotism to China, from Nora Aunor (whom I adore more than words can encapsulate) to the state of the Fourth Estate in the Philippines, Third World, today. Thanks to the "independence" of the Blogosphere, which is under threat, a semblance of it is maintained. 

For more information about the exhibit or the Professor, follow the links!

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