Sunday, June 29, 2014

Miller's Paradox

Reporting in the post-modern world AKA My Starbucks' Sofa Issues, Pre-Bday Manila Hotel Cake-out, Yahoo Mail's Bitch-Fit, and the Tourist Spot of Yesterseasons-Manila Grand Stand. 
Where is the justice?

3rd time in the span of only 15 days to receive such honor, what is the universe telling moi?
Yahoo should spend more time figuring out how to simplify its archaic mail site rather than pestering its loyal customers with such barbaric mundane necessities. It took four times (with multiple malfunctions, and re-dos) to answer this shit just to get it off my face! 
Such a beauty, but like most things beautiful, unappreciated, at worst misrepresented.

Who's that hot guy talking to that other hot guy? Is that a South African accent I hear? 
Yum, Yum, Yum, I'm such a Green Tea Whore, and I love it!

Snoozing in the lobby, "Try everything once, right?"- Sofia Coppola

No pleasure is as great as knowing you're present with the right company

Gertrude Stein epiphany as rationale

I love Susan Miller, her passion, honesty, and intelligence! No dull moment, let's immerse ourselves with the fascination that pre-occupied Elizabeth I and Isaac Newton, umhhhh Astrology!