Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Feb. 21: The Writer's Bar at Raffles Makati

Pre-event selfie with the lovely bookshelf and its even lovelier collection of books.  

Well-done chandelier. Though I've seen better in my years spent with magazines, coffee-table-books, books, etc. 

National Bookstore's host conversing with Mitch Albom. I was seated way at the back, in front were society-elites.  

Mitch Albom with "Lola Socorro"

Selfie with Janine, who was kind to everybody who asked for one. 


Stolen selfie with Mitch, and the beautiful series of artworks in his back.

Selfie my way to the perfect selfie.

Obviously, I'm wasn't the only one who was doing it.

Took this for it's lovely background, Janine and "Lola Socorro" conversing intently. 

The rapport was magnetic. Hard not to notice. 

I was trying to find something in my Camera Roll when I discovered this cache of photos I forgot to share with you, my readers. It happened way back, on a lovely day, I saw Mitch Albom, with his wife Janine, and the one-and-only Socorro Cancio-Ramos, the co-founder of National Bookstore-whom I just adore for her passion, determination, and work-ethic. Seeing the visionary who created the country's bookstore conglomerate wasn't initially in the itinerary, or at least how I was lead to believe.

For those of you who might not know who Mitch is, and for whatever reason feel like not google-ing him, he is the internationally-bestselling author of The Five People You Meet in Heaven (sold at least 35 million copies and translated to 35 languages)Tuesdays with Morrie (14 million copies sold so far and has been published in 41 languages)For One More Day, and Have a Little Faith

In the private book-singing event (which was meant to promote his newest book yet, The First Phone Call from Heaven) he shared with the audience anecdotes from his career, his love for his wife-Janine, the power and necessity of hope, his best-friend and fellow international best-selling author of The Joy Luck Club (love the film, soon will read the book) Amy Tan, his love of music, and the value of hard-work, the importance of appreciation, and shared quips of his writing habits, lastly, he talked about how he ended up where he is now.

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