Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Opening Reception Part I: Brave New Worlds:My Utopia in Your Dystopia

That night was awesome, saw the usual mix at a Museum opening in Manila, intellectuals, students, artists, social climbers, wealthy bored patrons, expats, bourgeois bohemians, tourists, journalists, celebrities, senior and mid-level bureaucrats, diplomats, photographers, and evidently, among others, but that night I saw a penis, albeit, accidentally while in the bathroom, but this dick isn't just your average dick, this human reproductive organ, particularly, was presented and given an Agrément and carried your country's Lettre de crédence  to our head of state, he was an Ambassador, but I'm not gonna tell who. As it turned out there was more than one ambassador who came that night, but did so, incognito, perhaps, due to this he didn't ooze majesty, maybe that is why, perhaps, I wasn't even able to do my whole mandatory-courtesy-routine around this person. So what does a diplomatic penis look like? I expected a bang, but I got a whimper. :-p

Fabrice Hyber questioning my artistic positionings

Australian-born Manila-based artist David Griggs, one of the exhibited artists 

"I'm yet to see and explore the Manila art scene."

Manuel Ocampo, L'exhibiteur extraordinaire

One of my favorite pieces, so interactive, and truly functional

Caught in the Act

Another interactive piece, visitors, kids in particular, are encouraged to play around with the pieces, and hopefully in the process discover their hidden talents

Me being shy

Me figuring out how to be "creative"

Meh, I just love the angles

The Director of the Met with the French Ambassador

H.E. Gilles Garachon, Ambassdor of France to the Philippines

Agnes Arellano singing Dream a Little Dream of Me (Les Yeux Ouverts)

Some of the artists of the globe-trotting exhibition

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