Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Betrayal of Yellow Cab

“I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

As I was lost in Anderson Cooper's patrician ocean blue eyes, my stomach was becoming more and more eager for fuel. I had been ordering from this must-eat-at place for more than I can even remember, and after some rough estimation, must have eaten there on various occasions for at least more than a thousand times. They were there whenever a friend had a birthday, whenever I felt the need to binge-eat, whenever I wanted to eat my feelings or simply wallow in their unbelievable nice pizzas, whenever I had friends from overseas instead of bringing them to multinational fast-food conglomerates, I would bring them to the local conglomerate-ish titan. The industrial and New York air of the place became a nice bonus to an otherwise banal episode of eating my favorite pizza, garden special (vegetarian).

But today I was betrayed. Betrayed in the most cruel sense the world has ever seen. Betrayed. The loss I feel hurts more than my empty stomach, now lost, now homeless, now unable to eat one of its most favored therapeutic food. My heart broken that it's now restrained by my brain to ever pay homage, to ever be serviced, to ever be part of an interaction from that quintessential Filipino pizzaplatz

48 minutes. How long is 48 minutes? Have you been made to wait for 48 minutes? Realize how infuriating such an experience is. To put some perspective, I have been through the pre-reorganization of the passport application process in this country, translation, waking up at 2:30 am just to get a chance to fall in line and get a number, necessary to bring you to the counter to begin the process. Fortunately, thanks to this ( one never has to go through (to that same extent) what we before had to go through. But of course, this being the Philippines, it goes without saying, the service is below the level of general acceptable, tolerable, and passable, "bad service." Of course it sucks! But that doesn't mean much because here, we already know that, that's not a closed secret. It's the norm here. So when something "sucks" (noticed) it usually denotes an achievement of a new low-point, in the already low-standards of service, in this country. Pilapinas.

Where else can you get away with having an entire half of a menu labeled "NOT AVAILABLE" mind you in one of the "Poshest" restaurants in the capital. They get away with it because they are protected by the economy thanks to their successful rent-seeking masquerading as "love your country" "proud to be pinoy" "let us not let them colonize us again" branding of Economic Nationalism. Basically by virtue of some savage idea of natural inheritance, we must be the only one to be able to fully participate in the economy, the price is hefty. Freedom is taken away at a price. Our pharmaceutical, telecommunication, and utility bills soar the highest in Asia, they get away with it thanks to the help of the oligarch-queen B/extraordinaire, the penultimate creation of their national myth-making, Tita Cory. Never mind evidence, what matters is what is, it is.

They have stolen the freedom of the individual, in this country, from the poorest of the poor, the farmers, the corporate slaves, the mid-level and entry level bureaucrats, to choose for themselves how they want to spend their money. They steal their income to pay for substandard education and health-care, need I further add, transportation, and even the most basic of them all, the arbiter of civilized people's disputes, the courts. Why pay them? For the nation-state, they say. Para sa bayan

They manage to get away with it because it is only them who are not forbidden to satisfy consumer demand, who are not required to by the constitution to have at least 60% of their capital stock be owned by Filipinos, it is them who are not forbidden to own public utilities. It is them who are not forbidden to monopolize industries, control prices, control everything. They get away with it because for so long they have been manipulating, killing, fucking, living, their way up, doing so at the behest of the nation-state, at the expense of the individual. 

Of course like all truths, half is real, half is simulated, and almost all produced or recorded from the academia which most often than not are themselves intrinsically at bed with their fellow elites, albeit exceptions, as always, diamonds in the rough are constant. In exchange for feudal guarantees. Never mind facts! is their subconscious maxim, their hidden structural aplomb. 

Bad enough that our choices are taken away from us, they don't fulfill even the most basic function of a service provider, which is to provide service. No Japanese-monopoly-style situation here. Corporate governance, political governance, academic governance, all are synonyms in barbaric tribal volk-states. All are mutually interested parties, but what is their interest? To maintain dominace-pas mal-but in the most unfair ways thinkable. Assassinations-check, Thievery-check, Quasi-Neutral Governmental Institutions-check, and Privilege Granting via Economic Nationalism-check. The total dilution of democracy, meritocracy, and liberty, for hagiocracy, kakistocracy, and the most natural of all phenomenas in closed societies, plutocracy. 

Tribalism reigns, feudalism reigns, corporate abuse becomes the norm or was always the norm, hierarchical societies producing prejudices of the worst kinds, ultimately, climaxing, at death, genocides, and the primordial symptom, the death of the individual. Authority. Nation. Family. Faith. Sacrifice. State.

They survive and thrive in the peaks of a market so inefficient, so burdened by laws for and by the people, by a pseudo-activist government-thief that leave consumers constantly left with a feeling of ennui resulting form damages afflicted by the establishment. In a free-market such behavior will be swiftly punished by a concatenation of withdrawal of votes due to dissatisfaction of the market's expectations or demands. 

Rent seekers and their rent-seeking, thank you The Economist

 Laissez-faire NOW!

A leg of a feared creature on my lunch

Just your average around the block small enterprise

An egg shell in my breakfast, standards please!

Multinational misconduct

Taxi Drivers Who Choose Their Passengers and Destinations For An Unfairly Gained Profit

Common in this country

The result of the granting of privileges via the 1987 Constitution prohibiting foreign professionals to practice in this country

Doable in a social market economy

Protecting whom?

To be fair don't care much because their food is so yummy!

But still, health standards are kept at low levels because the standards are kept low by the closed economy, I wonder if people will patronize a restaurant that can do this cheaper, nicer, and cleaner by a Vietnamese perhaps?

Terrible food, terrible service, need I say more?

Delicious and inventive espresso 

That's Yokohama honey, gosh don't we live in an age of information and hyper-connectivity?

The audacity to charge a service charge, an imposed tip, a product of a nation-state

I was on the phone for 48 minutes. The television was on, with my love on it, Anderson, 60 Minutes. After dialing their hot-line, 789-9999. I patiently waited, the wait I thought would only last for a maximum of 15 minutes, or so I thought. How wrong I was, little did I know, this would be the day of my breakup with an establishment I had once deemed, an example. An establishment I placed high confidence in for their past performances. I was so delighted that I was gonna rescue my stomach from the deprivations I had imposed on it with pizza worthy to be part of my binge-league.

Exacerbating the fatigue and horror I was experiencing on my quest for "the" pizza was the noise they call music, by the people who put it there, definitely on the background in the line every time an industrially produced, insincere,  and idiotic apology was given by the man's voice. As my brain and my butt continued to hold it out, I said, I shall remain here in my chair, angry, but understanding, anyway, I rather enjoy staring at Anderson's beautiful profile while he quizzes another's genius. 

Finally, 30 minutes later, I call the search off, in a crime scene this would be when the most senior officer presently in charged with dealing with the press comes out and deliver a speculative tease for the media to orgasmically deliver to their audience. Notwithstanding profanity, I get multiple epiphanies while hangry. 

To turn this situation into a positive, and to avoid entropy, I -having been a victim of great injustice- shall establish the Depository of Corporate Misbehavior, a blog site completely and solely devoted on reporting abuses committed by any establishment. This blog will be highly interactive and open to anyone who feel and think they need to share the abuse they have experienced. The goal? For people to let go, for people to have closure, for consumer rights, for us to regain our freedom. 

The memories I have shared with Yellow Cab's pizzas are now just that-memories. I wish for no one else to experience a situation as was mine earlier today.

NOTE: This said blog site shall be up and running by tomorrow.

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