Thursday, August 14, 2014

Annie Leibovitz Break

When I found out there was gonna be a retrospective-exhibit of one of my favorite photographers (dead and alive), I wasted no time in securing an audience. Annie Leibovitz is an artist. The snobs are simply jealous of her success therefore denigrate her style and her work. Fashion magazines (at least the good ones) are tasked to provide us (the masses) a middle ground between high and low art. Most importantly, they are mandated to show us what is possible instead of what is real, to gather all possible resources to show (even a nuanced one) a new perspective of something we thought we can no longer get anything out of. The romantic imperative, the struggle against nature, few achieve. 

Her brother is so hot!

The space couldn't have been more appropriate for such a titan that she is.

Unfortunately, no pictures are allowed to be taken inside. So maximized the calorific value outside. 


Our time's primary means of evidence, the selfie!

Spectacularity was upon my sight.

Stunning staircase! Could I just die? Believe me, my amateurish shot couldn't do justice to the actual view and feel (don't forget the effect the temperature has) when one ascends and/or descends coupled with the view of the top or below, simply awe-inspiring. 

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