Saturday, August 16, 2014

Book Gifts

I would like to express my deepest appreciation for these gifts, and more for the nature of these gifts. There is no greater gift than knowledge. The value of education (formal and informal) can never be underestimated or dismissed. There are no other gifts that I appreciate more than books, objet d'arts, jewelry, and money. These four things along with intangible acts of trust, kindness, and love, are truly vital in our direction forward. 

Sometimes, he was way to deterministic, sometimes a humble man admitting the impossibility of determinism in any work. Generally, it is not esoteric in its presentation of  its positions. The book left me with much more questions than answers, a mark of a truly great book. A book hard  to put down, for its insightful information and appropriate examples. It's a wonderful addition to the growing ways one can understand another.  

To understand the West, one must examine one of its fundamentals. To understand our past, we must know how we got here. Above all, the value of the Classics can't be put aside as mere excessive introspection and retrospection, it is our key to the present. 

The excessive fetishization of modern German philosophy, and its French counterparts, have lead the world to where we are today. Therefore, to rewind a bit, let's refresh, shall we?

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