Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hero Horreur

Manila-National Heroes Day on a Monday

Every year the entire country is forcibly fed "yellow fever." This happens every Ninoy Aquino Day, a day that's supposed to be a day of remembrance for a "martyr" is actually a governmentally-induced propaganda tool and nothing else. Ninoy Aquino Jr. is no hero. He is an ambitious delusional political opportunist, not evil attributes per se, but don't make your way to Islas Filipinas forewarned and offered by the country's conjugal dictatrice-by your former lover no less-a private jet for your own safety, and expect to make it in our utterly uncreative 500 peso banknote without expecting an eyebrow raised. 

To Ninoy: Your oligarchical family won't be able to get away with everything you have inflicted on the Filipino people for long. Your vanishment to the annals of history is yet to arrive. You, along with the other oligarchs, feudal lords, and triads of this country, will one day wither as if having never existed, and only then shall the true heroes triumph, after that glorious day comes. 

Today, I ventured into this country's relatively glorier heyday, a trip down memory lane, the collective memory of the Filipino people. I love Luneta, something that surprises most people I meet, as in this country, heavily clouded by post-colonial thought, and barbaric outlooks, the Rizal Park is seen as a no-go for the "middle" to "upper classes" (and the wannabes) as it is perceived as frequented by the "lower classes". It is seen as something degrading. I think otherwise because this is the one and only place in this heavily-polluted-Third-World-city that actually resembles civility, harmony, and peace. The beauty of the place owing to its size, variety of sights and people, and juxtapositional-paradox are among the many attributes that can give one a sense of awe. History, and art, intermingling in such a vast space, how more beautiful can it be?

Notwithstanding the heroic survivalism present in this country, I'm nevertheless convinced that ideas such as national heroes, and national hymns, being products of nation-states, are inherently evil. I prefer people to determine for themselves who they consider as their hero/heroes.

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