Thursday, August 14, 2014

P-Noy/Noy-Noy the Liar

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What I have curated here is information from the mainstream media evidencing the deceit that's inherent in our country's president. The son of landed aristocrats, entangled with cronies, and above all- of the oligarchs, this country has for so long tolerated and allowed them to rule over "us."

I recently attended a seminar by TFDP where they shared facts and figures that reveled the President's lie during his recent State of the Nation Address. He said there were none anymore, but actually they're so many, and they're on the hundreds. 

A little sing-along for Nitoy.

The representative of TFDP beside Kuya Boyet, a former political detainee, and victim of government torture under the Cory Aquino Regime.

Me with a former political detainee (Kuya Boyet) who became such during the reign of the current president's mother, "democracy-icon" Cory Aquino, and was released during the Ramos-era. Yes, I'm wearing a Communist star with Mao's face on it, on my head to raise awareness on the excesses Mao exhibited in the People's Republic of China. Just like the HIV/AIDS Red Ribbon pin, Communist pins must be worn to show solidarity towards those who have been victims of the disease of Communism, Socialism, Volkism, Statism, Tribalism, and above all the most fashionable malady du jour, the Mixed-Economy, the natural haven of the cronies.

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