Thursday, August 14, 2014

人民公社 People's Recreation Community

Discovered her inspiring passion and persistence inside the seat pocket of my seat, on my way to HK.

Just plain stunning and surely an art-piece.

Inside my hotel suite at the InterContinental Grand Stanford.

I love the way the light hits my skin.

The view.

All my thanks to the person who made this possible. Thanks for the gift!

Lost in Translation-moment vis-a-vis selfie. I love how petite I look.

My newly shaved legs. Another Lost in Translation moment.

I just love views.

Various original pins affirming loyalty to the party. Beautiful and haunting.

I love the aura that surrounded the place, a certain haven of truth.

Mainland tourist or local? 

Original mementos from the bygone era.

Yes, Big Brother is watching you!

On my way out, I realized the aesthetic quality and effect the scarcity of Hong Kong real estate has.

The Sign.

The validation.

Hong Kong people are famous for their rude reputation, I don't think so. To me, they will always be the representation of ruthless efficiency. They're unpretentious. Harsh even at times. But necessary in our world of continuing bourgeois decadent facade-ism. I welcome their originality, and hard-work. I detest their racism, myopia, generalizing-tendecies, and cronyism. I adore their fancy/stylish/paradoxical streets. Above all, their cruelty towards "others" must stop! Wake up! Please do so ASAP, as I love your "country" /city-state/unique legal status-ed land very much! Looking forward to my next visit!

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