Tuesday, September 16, 2014

MVP Tea Party, Manila Review, Jung Chang, and Re-Cake-ization

The newsletter where I found myself (in name and in pic)! Thank you very much for the acknowledgement!

This is a handmade pencil-pouch (which I'll be using for whatever reason I want to) that I bought from the Plush & Play booth (associated with Gawad Kalinga). It was calling for an obligatory selfie, didn't wan't to disappoint it.

Isn't it just delightful?!? It's so functional as well. I'm glad that this beauty wasn't accomplished by cruelty. 

Me with Erica and Fabien (the booth owners).

Another selfie with the Social Entrepreneurs, just 'coz.

A selfie with one of the most enduring, persevering, and talented artist of our time.

Glad that No. 5 is out now, grab your own copy immediately! 

As always, had a fantastic time in La Solidaridad, saw this bargain, and so the rest is history.

After the back-to-back pharyngitis, and tonsillitis, I had many weeks ago, and successfully keeping off cakes (anything too sweet, too hot, too cold). I decided that today (after so much containment and some punishing craving-episodes), I'm gonna have just one, but before I plunged into it, I made sure it wasn't as sweet as a regular cake would be. By god, I was right! Try their Blackforest, so yummy! So light! 

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