Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pre-Event Nosh

If you're looking for a place to just sit down, unwind, enjoy an ambiance, and simply gorge yourself with delectable food and/or drink (who am I kidding? This is Starbucks!), then I recommend, you visit my new find, and wonderful addition to my places-where-I-can-eat-good-cake-at-a-reasonable-price list which is the Deli Snack found in the Century Park Hotel aka/formerly Grand Sheraton Hotel.

Before you even read this, look at the place! Look at the general cuteness of the place! I was amazed by the way it won me over by its beautiful decor. The fact that their Black Forest slice, and Tuna turnover were to-die-for only punctuated an otherwise already fabulous experience, and that's before there's even food involved!

My only complaint will probably be the fact that their shop only had two sets of tables, a sign of their desire for customers to get-in and get-out. I discovered this place by a friend who was raving about it one afternoon, and she told me I must try it out, but that she couldn't give any assurances of its current quality as the last time she was there was 20 years ago! I'm 20 years old! Obviously, it outperformed my expectation/s. 

Try it out for yourself!

For more info, follow the link:

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