Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Philippine Literary Festival 2014: Amy Tan

The moment.

Dreams do come true. I have met in person, one of the many people in my long list of those I wish to have the privilege of bearing witness to one day, and perhaps interact for a few moments, and be a fangirl in temporary catatonia resulting from being starstruck. While I was waiting for my turn (125th), I reminisced the moments I experienced in the past, with the Joy Luck Club (the film and book). It reinforced the courage I knew I have and need more of. It overwhelmed me with feelings of gratitude to Amy. I felt the need to tell her how inspiring the story was, and how the film was a life changing event in my life. I did. I'm grateful for her contribution to the world. 

Shocked. Happy. Nervous. Excited.

It was nice to see how she interacted with people, she was very friendly, and she looked cute with her husband.

Everyone I saw was doing what the woman on the left was doing here, while waiting for their turn.

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