Friday, December 5, 2014


When IMAX was developed by Graeme FergusonRoman Kroitor, Robert Kerr, and William C. Shaw, they must have had a film in mind for which their labor was for. Why the increased resolution anyway? Well it is Interstellar. Hats off to the Nolans (Christopher, Jonathan, and Emma Thomas) just as with Inception and The Dark Knight Rises, he (Christopher) managed to impress me again! A quality of any great luminary is chameleon-ality. In all those films, his touch was there, but all three were different in a way independently spectacular in each right. Think of Johnny Depp's and/or Jennifer Lawrence's ability to appear greatly different in every film they do, while maintaining midas touch, at the same time unrecognizable.  Marks of great actors indeed. Innovation. Newness. Progress. 

Semi-dependent on my new audio-drug, Hans Zimmer's work for Interstellar.

Why we must we go to the theaters in the era of film downloadability, films like Interstellar answer those rationalisms. Cinematicity, experiencing, transcending spiritual parameters, transportation,  teleportation, into another world, is a reason. Same way some films are irritating to watch in surround sound, and maximized screen. Some films are meant to be enjoyed cozily. Films that require you to be in bed, snuggling a blanket, with a Sbarro pizza stuffed in your mouth, with matching rain outside, this is what I'm referring to. Other's don't create the same effect.

This film will give you plenty of things to think about, out of this world, indeed. To watch this film is to gaze the ocean. Very therapeutic after a workweek. It'll deconstruct your superficial understanding of our world/s. 

Confession alert: I also listened to these two every time I finished Zimmer's wonderfully tantalizing soundtrack.

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