Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Craft Coffee Revolution

My friend was like, "Let's have coffee somewhere sometime," and I was like "Great! Starbucks Wednesday then." He was like "NO-THAT'S NOT GOOD." He violently opposed my preference for Starbucks coffee. I guess for him, I was a victim of the deceit of Starbuck's allure-its cultural product. The main thing about Starbucks is the lifestyle-that is their product. The "public becomes private" is the commodity. Anyway, Naomi Klein's No Logo can explain it better. 

To my friend, my support, and preference, for Starbucks, which hasn't wavered is the coffee equivalent of a fashion crime. In this case a coffee crime. I could hear his thoughts going wild with: "How dare you defame coffee with faux liquids of that place?" 

He took me to the country's "best coffee place" "winner of awards" local, and international. Owned by a Singapore-trained coffee artisan. It's beyond. He took me to the one near St. Luke's Q.C.. It was a small cozy space with an industrial/coffee warehouse feel. There was a nicely lit bar past the few seats. The toilet's funny in a cute way. At that time the place was filled with yuppies, students, and bourgeois burnouts. 

The Latte, and Cappuccino, I had was to die for! I had a Rachel Zoe moment: It was fucking bananas! My friend was right. The Latte I had didn't have a burnt taste, and the there was a natural sweetness to it. It didn't pain my throat even though I choked it down as fast as I could after my first elegant sip. 

The Tuna Empanada was so soft and light, it way beyond yummy! I'm sure next time I'll try their cakes!

I thanked my friend for introducing this new place to me. However, I'm still not gonna jilt Starbucks. 

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