Thursday, January 29, 2015


Paul at Paul

Finally tried Paul

Love the interiors

The worst Tuna Sandwich ever! It tasted like it was way past its expiration date. The baguette wasn't warm, it's suppose to be stone-ish in a warm edible way, not like this. No doubt the best Tuna Sub is still Subway's (and cheap)!

The best fucking strawberry cheesecake/shortcake slice I have ever tasted. The texture of the cheese was so light it gave me an obvious cake-gasm! The ladyfingers on the side was how it was suppose to be-soft. The entire white stuff from which the strawberry sits tasted sweet, and creamy. You won't notice the cheese at all. 

Editors of Phaidon Press' The Art Book and The Photo Book

These two books are fucking amazing! Such a compact feast for the eyes. Every page brings the reader to another era, another master, another method, another century, another medium, another world, it's such a wonderful gift. I hope no one buys it so that I can always look through it when I go for my weekly stroll.

Libertarianism in medicine

Compelling. Necessary. Eye-Opener.

I only buy one kind of Mochi from this store: MATCHA 抹茶 ! The stall's Mochi creams are yummy. The one from their cafe contains very minimal green tea. Buy from their stalls!

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