Monday, August 3, 2015


Economist John Maynard Keynes, whose name defined a political economic era, once remarked after studying Sir Isaac Newton's alchemical works "Newton was not the first of the age of reason, he was the last of the magicians." It is now an indisputable fact that the man, along with Gottfried Leibniz, who gave the world calculus was obsessed with alchemy, astrology, biblical chronology, and eschatology. 

It is important to note that during the time of the brainiac, alchemy wasn't alchemy in the manner that the contemporary world defines it. It is said that medicine, and chemistry, developed into what it is today, distinct isolated disciplines when the "balkanization of knowledge" was at its rampaging rationalist zenith at the time of the Enlightenment. Or as Michelle Feder of the Khan Academy puts it, "Like alchemists, sometimes the process of discovery might entail isolating specific components; other findings might come from developing new compounds...modern chemistry carries on the alchemical quest for the elixir of life."

Alchemy has been cyclically present in the golden ages of civilizations, at one point it's been derided as "lunacy" and another a representation of a "new frontier" for science. The possibility for further expansion, a hint of risk, imagination, all out faith, and servitude, have all necessitated alchemy. 

Wikileaks, and biographers, had proven that a lot of functionaries of nation-state power structures in our contemporary world have a strong belief in astrology, tarot readings, psychics, etc. What do the Reagans, the Blairs, Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin, and Catherine de Medici all have in common? Besides that obvious fact that they're historical political figures, it is the fact that they were all firm believers in astrology. 

Confession alert! I have been reading Susan Miller's monthly forecasts since I could even remember. In the data-hungry world we live in, any data is crucial, must be given fair amount of attention, before getting dismissed. I love astrology, it has helped me know more about the world, and about other people and my interactions with them. 

There was a period in my life when I was a student at the Goethe-Institut in Manila, and one of my classmates was a medical doctor at a totally "bourgeois, elite, fancy" hospital. We fondly called her Doc Nes. Once during a 15-minute break I overheard her talking to one of our classmates about the latter's aura, and being the nosy me that I'm, I invited myself to the conversation. Needless to say, I got my own reading from Doc Nes, who is an amazing doctor, classmate, friend, a great energy to be with. 

I'm new to Buenos Aires and yet it feels like this place has always been my home. It feels less like a place I'm seeking refuge in than a place where I belong. It's my home. I fell in with it, I love it and the feeling is mutual. Sometimes when I'm in the calle, it reciprocates its gratitude, for having graced this city. 

Doc Nes noticed that my timeline was filled with pictures in my new city. After chatting for a while, I decided to seek an aura consultation, and was glad when I found out it was plausible online. I'm satisfied with her feedback, and advice. Though I prefer to keep the things we talked about in secrecy. She's a very jovial, open-minded, helpful, and caring person. If you want to contact her for a consultation, she'd love it, and you can do it simply by following this link