Thursday, September 10, 2015

63 years and 216 days later...

Once in the Treetops Hotel, a princess became a queen. Ascending to a position of life long "duty," descending an orphan, and the queen of the world's largest empire. How opportune was it, that it was she who managed the "decline," ever so graceful, always adapting, globe-trotting ruler of the seas of Britannia, for her subjects not to be enslaved by its daughter, Americana. Magnificent is it not that at the cradle of civilization, the "civilizing mission" came to an end. But end it may be, end is splendor. Opportune indeed it is that the monarch tasked to handle this mass-consciousness adjustment rose to the occasion.

Kenya, along with other African countries left with a promise, some overdid it through tasting power by experimenting how to make refugees, giving back to the desolate British Isles of the Duchess of Normandie some few thousands of their leftovers, as they bid adieu to Her Majesty in grace, to save face the "special relationship," the Commonwealth of Nations, and neocolonialism were tools for the good old fashioned pomp and ceremony, when all of a sudden it seemed 1931 was nothing but a "walkabout" or probably a preview a la West End? Trudeau demanded "patriation," and was granted a constitution, and a flag, along the way, the very establishment at the core of the British Isles was challenged, by the nebulous "devolutionaries," not to mention the 70s featuring Wedgie Benn and dragonnaire Babs Castle.

Not that lefties were a problem, like her great-great-Grannie Vicki, Lizzy preferred the lefties. Disraeli, and Wilson, bulwarks of abolitionism, as a treat perhaps, Her Majesty graced Wilson with a dinner attendance, the only one beside Churchill to have been privileged. Not so lucky with Australia though, not even Gillard's British citizenship could hinder Abbott's stronger British citizenship, maybe (官话, 北方话) Mandarin-fluent Rudd was right? No one knows, history has a way of surprising us, every generation, and of repeating itself.

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